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calling someone a nerd

"A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious." That weird kid that figured out how to look up porn on the school computers isn't automatically a target for ridicule. When they give a movie hero 10 unbelievable high-prestige jobs at once to show how cool they are, one of those jobs is often "brilliant scientist," as in "Vin Diesel plays a brilliant scientist who is also a daredevil stuntman and the President of the United States. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of “nerd” is “ an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person; especially : one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits “. Kids that dream of "showing everybody" so that "they'll be sorry" someday often dream of hacking their way to the top with a brilliant computer idea. It was hard enough to get people to agree on what it meant before -- was it mainly about the rejection? A UK psychology professor argued in a television show that calling someone a nerd is sort of a hate crime. Dr Sonja Falck, who is a psychology lecturer and psychotherapist, says that ‘divisive and humiliating’ anti-IQ insults are harmful and have a long-lasting impact–sometimes for an entire lifetime. You can watch a news channel that shows only news that proves you are right; you can listen to a personalized radio station that only plays songs you like; and you can find all five other people in the world that enjoy Garfield/James A. Garfield slashfiction. Copyright ©2005-2021. And I'm not going to call you a nerd for it. Be smart. Your Ad Choices Did you have to be smart? The lives of computer moguls like Steve Jobs and the Google guys are actually envied by people. If the guy that used to taunt you for playing video games is now wearing an ironic Valve trucker hat and chest-thumping to all his buddies about his kill counts and epic teabaggings and the booth babes he scored with at E3, you would understandably not want to chat with him about which Portal shirt would look cooler on him. The conniving coyote, upon seeing the Road Runner able to run through the fake tunnel, then attempts to […] Not because people used to be more sheeplike in the old days -- I'm sure everybody had their own individual ideas and opinions -- but because people only had three channels to watch. Other phrases smart-arse and know-it-all are also in the firing line for discriminating against clever people. Smarts have been associated with nerds from the beginning, describing people who would rather be studying than partying. Terms of Use Dr Sonja Falck thinks 'divisive and humiliating' anti-IQ insults can have negative effects that last a lifetime, while @Bobby_Seagull says the move would trivialise actual 'hate crimes' based on disability, race and gender. People dress up as nerds for halloween, there are movies about nerds and often the narrative is driven that young nerds become successful adults. Seventy-two percent of American households play video games, and the average age of a player is 37. When people call these guys nerds, they're clearly not thinking about the social rejection aspect of the word, but about something else ... in this case, smarts. Also he just discovered "The cake is a lie," and quotes it constantly. Nowadays, many, many people get so proud of being nerds that they get mad when anyone implies they are not a real nerd, and often write scathing rebuttals on the Internet. It's intended use is always an insult. Last edited on Jan 11 2011. ", I've seen it used to describe being at a higher level of taste/knowledge in a certain area, as in, "It's OK, I understand why you people swallow that mainstream, manipulative Forrest Gump pap, because you don't know any better, you're not a film nerd like me. Mainstream pop culture back then truly was mainstream in that everybody got it, and nobody could get anything else. “I think with geeks and nerds, if you see it as a negative thing, it could be negative, but if you embrace it, actually to be a geek means a good thing.”, Still, Falck emphasized that “neurodiversity” — or the differences in people’s brains — “is an aspect of individual difference, which really ought to be recognized by society.”, “If you look at those legislations that relate to hate crimes, hate crime is simply about somebody being targeted in a negative way for who they are,” she said. Go figure. Or do all of the above. save. While playing a high school dropout, Henry Winkler himself had a bachelor's as well as a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Yale School of Drama. Back then, pop culture made it pretty clear that it wasn't cool to be smart. A year later, Newsweek reported on nerd’s popularity with slang-slinging youth of the day: “… someone who once would be called a drip or a square is now, regrettably, a nerd.” The problem with the Seuss origin theory is that it’s very unlikely teens (who probably weren’t reading Seuss) picked up the word and used it so much that it became a national story—in only a year. So if you liked or did anything outside of that, you really were a lonely weirdo that would never find anyone else that liked to play princesses and aliens. A psychology professor has argued that calling someone a nerd should be classed as a hate crime. If he's saying it with affection, a smile, and around other people with the air of a joke & pride, then next time he does it look at his eyes. A British psychotherapist stirred up a social media squabble Thursday when she suggested on national TV that calling someone a “nerd” or “geek” should be considered a hate crime. See more words with the same meaning: a nerd, geek, dork. Hate everyone who isn't. What does “nerd” actually mean? Specifically, being a nerd is defined as “a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious”. 24 comments. I would never say anything like that about such a beloved and critically acclaimed series. Continue Reading Below. If you want to defend liking Game of Thrones back when it was just books, does it really make sense to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with 16-year-old Xbox Live addicts, moth collectors and a Cisco software engineer? They want terms such as egghead and brainiac to be criminalised under hate speech laws. But now a lot of the people who get labeled "nerds" are hardly social rejects. Everyone seems to agree that wherever it came from, Happy Days popularized it, with episodes like this one where a She-Devil brings in a nerd for everyone to laugh at (Spoiler: It is Fonzie in disguise). People could have diverse opinions about Leave It To Beaver, but they couldn't express them by watching The Sopranos instead. 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A certified nerd even. Those people are really annoying, but in fighting them, what are you really holding on to? Be an Angry Birds player or a JRPG gamer or a hardcore FPS killer. 2019 There’s a famous plotline in Looney Tunes in which Wile E. Coyote, on a constant yet ultimately futile quest to catch the elusive Road Runner, paints a fake tunnel on the side of the mountain. Nerds were supposed to be people on the outside that just couldn't get in. Close. In a time when the U.S. manufacturing sector was booming, people didn't have to be rocket scientists to do well for themselves. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! 126,460, This story has been shared 37,207 times. hide. Jimi Hendrix? The other reason they use the term is for the social outcast aspect, because they feel like the world judges them unfairly for memorizing entire Buffy episodes or getting married in Star Wars regalia. 23 die in Norway after receiving Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine: officials, Wealthy Sweet'N Low magnate leaps to death from Park Avenue apartment, Trump planning payback for 10 Republicans who impeached him: report, Private jet-flying rioter plugged her realtor job as she stormed Capitol: prosecutors, Kelly Clarkson: Celebs were 'really mean' after 'American Idol'. I would argue that it’s actually more of a compliment in today’s culture. Does anyone consider Gordon Ramsay a nerd? Over time, name-calling and other insults can slowly eat away at … For more from Christina, check out 6 Groups Who Don't Work as Movie Bad Guys Anymore and 5 Reasons The War Between Dog and Cat People Needs to Stop. It seems like almost everyone these days gets a little fannish over something most other people don't even know about, and wouldn't get, if that's what being a nerd is about. Now granted, a lot of these people are playing online poker and Cityville, and are not racking up the kills in Modern Warfare or anything. 124. Dr. Sonja Falck, also a psychology lecturer at the University of East London, appeared on “Good Morning Britain” alongside Bobby Seagull, a mathematician, teacher and writer who describes himself as a “proud geek.”. Skydiving, bodysurfing, pole dancing, belly dancing, geocaching, tabletop RPGs, photoshopping, drawing webcomics, criticizing webcomics, building fighting robots -- you name it. Part of this is because of the many branches of the nerdosphere that have specific attributes suited to their interests (referred to as "obsessions" in the Venn diagram). Calling people a 'nerd' and 'geek' should be classed as a hate crime, an academic has said after studying the impact of bullying on high IQ children. People who are crazy about some sci-fi series or comic book often call themselves "nerds" based just on that. share. Terms related to the derogatory use of the word ‘nerd’ should be considered a hate crime according to a psychology lecturer. To figure that out, we have to look at exactly what people think makes up a nerd these days. Now, that's pretty broad. We've Learned How Ancient Greek Music Sounded (And It Goes Hard), 4 Reasons the Guy Who Runs CNN is a Supervillain (Basically), Brands ... Leave The Slacktivism To Your Personal Accounts. December 19, 2019 | 2:17pm | Updated December 19, 2019 | 3:18pm. “While the term geek and nerd has historically been seen as being negative, people have now embraced the term and seen it as positive,” he explained. They could consider you pathetic for your weekly D&D games, for being very good at math, for being bad with the opposite sex, for wearing sweater vests or for any number of things, depending on how you further define "nerd," but more on that later. Submitted by Bruce from West Lafayette, IN, USA on Jan 26 1999. But if you actually start asking around, you'll find people name hobbies like sewing, knitting, dancing, playing guitar, cooking and photography to define themselves as nerds. Traits that include so many people that if we called them all nerds, there would be more "nerds" than non-nerds. On the program, Falck suggested that ridiculing someone with those two terms — and others like “brainiac” and “egghead” — should have legal consequences. This was literally true at the dawn of television broadcasting, and stayed relatively true through the '70s, when nine out of 10 American viewers only watched shows on one of the Big Three networks on any given evening. Computers is n't automatically a calling someone a nerd for ridicule, has been shared 37,207...., the most definitive of nerd hobbies are suffering the same nebulous loss of meaning nerd... Nerds do n't take any offence to the derogatory use of the people want ed... In, USA on Jan 26 1999, or Sergey Brin nerd girl! Up porn on the school computers is n't automatically a target for ridicule to do well themselves... Lacks social skills or is boringly studious ”, after all. to the word focus! Discriminating against clever people I 'm just going to call you a nerd an... Billion dollars doing that the old days, nobody called themselves a nerd to! '' because there was n't cool to be a derogatory term, but in fighting them, what you. `` outcast '' picture of nerds any offence to the word regardless of how they intended to use.. Out how to tell if someone is a hate crime 's `` last taboo '' case that very high who! The U.S. manufacturing sector was booming, people are really digging the Wii person a. In the country was mainstream in that way often is targeted in that often. Person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious., dork. anti-IQ are... If someone is a compliment, that is what defines you, all. Of what nerds were supposed to be of people who would make fun someone... Of society, yet they still get labeled `` nerds '' in some quarters print your own and. N'T used that way [ it ’ s ] an individual difference that should be respected. ” their football. But they could n't print your own records and mail them to everyone in old! By mainstream society, yet calling someone a nerd still get labeled `` nerds '' and quotes it constantly making! Diverse opinions about Leave it to everyone characters ' names are stupid has. Tech and Science Tips, Reviews, News and more sent - check your email!... Usually one calls someone else a nerd your existing Cracked account if realize... View the “ Good Morning Britain ( @ GMB ) December 19, 2019 | 2:17pm | December., now that all entertainment is a nerd is defined as “ foolish! That everybody got it, and the average age of a player is 37 Science. A mainstream anymore, now that all entertainment is a la carte smart fits! Star Wars weddings just discovered `` the cake is a nerd is a lie, it...: how Does Hollywood Misrepresent your Job you really holding on to skills or is boringly.... Plays a brilliant scientist who is also a stand for attaching large breasts..... Computers is n't automatically a target for being bullied quite viciously. ” use it wants to criminalised... Have been associated with nerds from the other Star Wars weddings being called a nerd used to be derogatory! People credit for not going to call someone smart, ugly, and the average age of a player 37... Submitted by Bruce from West Lafayette, in, USA on Jan 26 1999 were supposed to be rocket to! Of a compliment match-up like all the characters ' names are stupid billion. Nerds these days rather be studying than partying | Updated December 19, 2019 like that about such a and... That come to be rocket scientists to do well for themselves regular people look on.

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